Thank you Zau! Keep spreading the light!

It is certainly a sight for the ones who have literature embedded in their hearts. Holding Zau Magazine in my hands and reading its rich in vocabulary and factual in essence articles that explore the depths of literature from around the world is truly inspiring. The team of this Magazine must be applauded and appreciated for the efforts they are putting in to promote literature, learning and reading, not to mention the hours of effort they put in researching, writing, editing and compiling articles for their magazine that spells simplicity in design but shows strength in words, ideas and opinions it shares with the readers.

Returning home from the office I was greeted with a brown envelope. Sent to me by Mehdi Naqvi, I wondered what was inside. However, to my surprise, I was greeted by a beautiful pocket diary, the latest edition of Zau’s English Poetry Special and a note reading, “For Omar, Thanks for being part of the Zau Family – Editors.”


The spirit and enthusiasm shown by the team of Zau led by their editors do make a writer and columnist like me feel proud of how effectively and with passion and purpose the Pakistani youth is promoting literature. I have no words to describe the satisfaction I received once I began reading the poetry published in this book comprising poems, translations, and an interview. As a reader, I was captivated by the designing and paper quality used in the publishing of this book while as a writer, the words of the poetry I read kept me transfixed to it. I have only begun reading this book before glancing over its many pages and I will complete it because it has my attention.

Good work Team Zau!
God Bless You!
Muhammad Omar Iftikhar