Vision Pakistan 2017


  1. Eliminate criminals and terrorism with extreme prejudice
  2. Repair all roads and streets beginning from the metropolis of the country
  3. Subsidize education in all provinces from Class I to Class 8
  4. Eliminate all ghost teachers, schools, and institutes
  5. Rebrand the Peela School to “Pakistan School System” and by providing teachers to such schools who can give effective “Urdu” and “English” language education to students
  6. Give due importance to vocational training
  7. Establish mini libraries across villages
  8. Create a committee to check all public transports and ban those not following proper vehicle-testing methods
  9. End load shedding by ensuring a proper power distribution system by eliminating all Kunda connections
  10. Renovate historical and heritage sites of Pakistan while strengthening the tourism of Pakistan for effective global brand promotion of the country and for the generation of revenue
  11. Ensuring that no blood relatives are in the politics – government or the opposition
  12. Restructure the syllabus of Karachi and Sindh Text Book Board from class 1 till 10 to include syllabus that will build the student’s personality and enable them to question rather than to rote learn
  13. Use IT to establish distant learning schools in far-off villages where there is a scarcity of teachers and schools that will evolve the concept of Virtual University.
  14. Create venues for hospitals and clinics to provide effective medical assistance in less price and ensuring that every hospital’s staff is loyal to their profession and are charging according to services and not minting money.
  15. Take action against the Qabza Group (Land grabbers) across Pakistan ensuring that land remains with those who own it.
  16. Increase balance of payments, increase trade, export and keep the value of dollar and oil at an appropriate point while reducing inflation.

Note: I have randomly jotted down points. Will add more as I think about it