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#MeinPerfectHoon TVC by Gul Ahmed breaks clutter with an attitude!


It is a pleasure to see television commercials (TVCs) akin to the recently released Gul Ahmed’s “#MeinPerfectHoon” ad campaign launching the Spring/Summer Collection 2017. This campaign brings a new sense of marketing and advertising to Pakistan. Where almost every brand is resorting to dance and songs to promote their products and services, Gul Ahmed breaks the clutter by presenting a clear-cut message of women empowerment and the fact that women should be able to follow their dreams and aspirations as much as anybody else. Moreover, the TVC so explicitly, smoothly and with ease promotes the idea that even with any imperfection – curly hair, wearing joggers on shalwar qameez, a mole on the chin or a crooked nose – a girl can be as beautiful as what the society calls beautiful. Interestingly, this TVC does not show women aspiring for a career but shows their everyday thoughts to be themselves, to be accepted and to do what they want without being judged.

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsAIxl3qvpy1DofpwDEx6Ow

I believe this TVC by Gul Ahmed has broken all clichéd TVCs that have overtaken our TV screens with their senseless songs and dances that only add more clutter. #MeinPerfectHoon is an attempt by Gul Ahmed and its advertising agency to bring creativity into the advertising narrative. Interestingly, the TVC uses the emotional appeal talking about ambitions and passion of the women of today and not indulging into the product’s features and attributes. This indeed is a new beginning in Pakistan’s advertising industry.