I want to motivate people by my quotes and stories: Sajal Shaikh

Sajal Shaikh is the youngest author of Sindh, who holds this status with her friend, Lareb Soomro. Both have co-written “The Secrets of Spring”. Sajal talks to MOIWrites in this exclusive interview.

1. Tell us about yourself?

I am Sajal Shaikh, a student of class 10 at Indus Girls College, Larkana, Sindh. My favorite subjects are Physics and Mathematics. Writing is not just my hobby but it also gives relief to my soul.


2. How does it feel to be the youngest novelist of Sindh?

It feels amazing to be the youngest novelist of Sindh. It gives me happiness. It was never planned by me that I  would be the youngest novelist of Sindh because it is said that every single movement is planned by Allah. I want to say thanks to Almighty Allah who gave me this glorious status. I cannot describe this feeling.

3  What is the name of your novel? Share a brief synopsis of it?

The name of my novel is “The Secrets of Spring” which I have co-written with my friend, Lareb Soomro. This story revolves around a girl spring. You will find many secrets on every page of it. The life of spring is very mysterious and interesting.

4. How did you develop an interest in writing?

I started writing at the age of 13 as my hobby. I began with prose writing. Whenever I am happy or sad I start writing quotes, passages, and poetry. Actually, writing is a source of expressing your thoughts and gives relief to your soul.

5. What motivates you to write?

I enjoy writing. My father is also very supportive in my interest to write and he also supported me in my endeavors. My younger sister, Sara, also motivates me to write. However, I could become the youngest novelist of Sindh because of my dear friend, Lareb Soomro, with whom I share this unique status. Lareb is an amazing person.

6. What are your academic and writing plans?

I am very interested in machinery. If I will become a mechanical engineer then I will create common machines on slat energy. And if I will choose bio-engineering, I will find the treatment of pancreatic cancer. As a writer, I want to motivate people by my quotes and stories. I also want to write scripts for dramas and films. I love my country so patriotic writings are my goal.

7. What message will you give to aspiring writers?

My message is to work hard and never give up on writing. However, aspiring writers should also focus on their studies.

MOIWrites interviews Lareb Soomro for Super Saturday Interviews on Saturday, February 24, 2018. Read Lareb Soomro’s interview here: Lareb Soomro




“Don’t let your fate decide your destination”: Lareb Soomro

Lareb Soomro is Sindh’s youngest novelist. She is a student of matriculation (tenth standard) aspiring to qualify for Chartered Accountancy and to earn a Nobel Prize in the field of Literature. She talks to MOIWrites in this exclusive interview

Lareb Soomro lives in Larkana and studies at the Indus Girls College, Larkano. She says, “I am ambitious in whatever I do and love to read, write and deliver motivational speeches. I have earned many accolades in debates, writing, hosting and singing competitions. When I was in seventh grade, I had a dream to show my abilities to the whole world. At the age of fourteen, I started writing when I gradually began knowing myself. That is my life’s greatest achievement yet. My great supporters are my parents. I do not have that much experience but some of my words inspire me and one such sentence is: “Don’t let your fate decide your destination.” Contact Lareb at: Lareb Writes


 1. How does it feel to be the youngest novelist of Sindh?

I want to thank Daastan for giving me the platform to display my skills. At an age when people are not aware of their abilities, I am blessed to have found a purpose of life and the title of Sindh’s youngest novelist.

2. What is the name of your novel? Share a brief synopsis of it?

The name of my novel is “The Secrets of Spring.” It is a horror and suspense novel, which is based on a girl named Spring. It is a magical story and the horror part does not include ghosts. You need to read the novel to find the reality. The story will take you to the world of broken mirrors where you will find it difficult to find the path back home. It has six episodes with each episode ending on a question. The biggest secret of the novel is about a Diary, which is always with Spring, but no one knows what is in it.

3. How did you develop an interest in writing?

Since my childhood, I had been hearing ‘do not become a writer’ because one cannot lead a comfortable life in this field. I decided to modify their thoughts. I began reading Daily Dawn’s Young World and started writing my poems, articles, and poetry in English. I continued my writings and then decided to create a page on Facebook where I can share my words. My passion to write led me to write a novel.

4. Which novels did you enjoy reading?

There would be a huge list of novels so it is better to share my thoughts about one novel. My favorite novel is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho for it gives a great lesson to believe in your dreams, to learn from the nature of the universe, and to think about things in a different way.

5. What motivates you to write?

A spark of inspiration from my soul is enough to motivate me. I observe the world and I find the inspiration. My mind is free to wonder—to focus nothing else but silence and the words and ideas stumbling, swirling and dancing in my mind. Most of the times I just need a word or a phrase to think about as it deepness and later I use it in my writing.

6. What are your academic and writing plans?

I will complete courses in literature and want to achieve the highest level of studies in this field. Moreover, after matriculation, I will work to gain admission in CA. I will continue writing to console the depressed souls, to inspire the wondered minds, to encourage the hard workers and to eliminate the roots of negativity.

7. What message will you give to aspiring writers?

Rule your thoughts or they will rule you. Always try to understand the power of words because words have the power to make, shake and destroy the world. Always replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and believe in yourself. Be confident about what you think and spread the sparkles of light with your words in the blank pages of the world.

Sajal Shaikh has co-written “The Secrets of Spring” with Lareb Soomro. Sajal’s interview will be featured at MOIWrites next month.