Guess who’s back on our airwaves???

rj-khalid-1493118970For a long time, there was something missing from our lives. We had the sun, we had our breakfast, we had our morning cup of tea and we even had our share of Good Morning messages we sent and received. There was still something missing. Not anymore! Guess what? Khalid Malik, the man who made mornings great for us with his popular “Breakfast Show with Khalid Malik”, is back on the airwaves again. Same guy, same energy but on a different station – FM 91.

With the social media campaign #MakeMorningsGreatAgain, the radio station announced that the same Khalid Malik who later turned out to be a successful host and an actor is coming back on air to make us feel alive, again!

Now that Khalid Malik is emerging back on the airwaves across the country, listen to this. From Monday to Friday (7 am to 11 am), Khalid Malik will meet us at “Khalid Malik’s Morning Jam” on FM 91, the station that will never be the same again, nor our mornings.

Where Khalid Malik has been the talk of the town, I have met him while working as Assistant Editor at Slogan Magazine. The editorial team was doing a cover story on the radio industry of Pakistan and we decided to interview Khalid Malik for the Magazine. It was a pleasure to meet him and we were privileged to have Khalid Malik at our office. This was in 2012. However, my first meeting with Khalid Malik was not face-to-face, but over the phone, when I was selected as one of the two finalists in a competition celebrating City FM 89’s seventh Anniversary. I was invited to talk to Khalid Malik at his morning show at that radio station which was actually a quiz session to determine the winner of the PS3 (PlayStation 3). Guess who won the grand prize? You got it! It’s gotta be me!

However, from May 1, 2017, all listeners to Khalid Malik’s morning show will be winners, for we will listen to fun and happiness – and listen to the voice that has become synonymous to exciting and happy mornings!