Meet the youngest female author from Kashmir: Ayesha S. Khan

“If you want to be a good writer, be a good reader,” says Ayesha S. Khan, who has become the youngest female published author from Kashmir.


1. Tell us about yourself?

My father named me AYESHA. Since to him, this is the most beautiful name a girl can have. My pen name is Ayesha S. Khan. I hail from Muzaffarabad- the capital city of State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. I am 22-year-old and currently, I am a student of BS(English Language and Literature) at the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad.

2. What were your feelings when you became the youngest author from Kashmir?

Obviously, I was over cloud nine. But, the most important thing which I would always cheer is that KASHMIR part in this whole phrase. “The youngest published female author from KASHMIR”. I can’t describe in words that how does it feel to be recognized by the name of your motherland.

3. Tell us briefly about your book without giving any spoilers?

My book “The Freezing Point” is a cause and effect tragedy. As we all know that the effects are the result of some causes. The problem is we mourn over effects without paying heed to the causes. We want to mitigate effects and their drastic by-products but what about causes? Causes are the root of all effects. They need to be focused.
“The Freezing Point” sheds light upon the character’s life journey from bright and pleasant to the dark and bleak. It highlights the scenarios or causes which transform a normal human into an evil one. To know more read the novel and leave your reviews at


4. Who inspires you to write?

In my direct family, my brothers have always been an inspiration to me whether it be a writing or doing something else. My brother once told me that: “I can see an excellent writer in you”. I realized his words later when attracted a lot of appreciation for “The Freezing Point”.

5. Which authors from Pakistan and abroad have been your favorite?

Being a voracious reader, I read a lot of authors from Pakistan as well as abroad. In Urdu Literature, Ashfaq Ahmad, Mumtaz Mufti, and Qudratullah Shahaab are the most adored ones. In English Literature, I love to read Khalil Gibran, John Green, Khaled Hosseini, and Nicholas Sparks. Moreover, I couldn’t resist applauding Elif Shafak for infallibly portraying the companionship of Rumi and Shams in her magnificent work ‘The Forty Rules of Love’.

6. What motivates you to write?

Social injustice in the world and particularly in our own country -Pakistan is my biggest motivation to pen down stories and articles. I want readers to take home something worth pondering. I think other writers should also take inspiration from the issues which are deteriorating society in one way or another, and start working on them.

7. What message will you give to aspiring writers?

Getting published was not a plain sailing job. I know people think it’s easy to write something and you’ll get published in a month or so. This was not a case with me. I had to wait patiently to go through the processing of writing, editing, and publishing. Even, I was so desperate to have a glimpse of my book’s cover. The point is good things take time. If you really want to write and become a published author first practice the skill of patience. Secondly, Never think about the monetary benefits. Just excel in the skill, and give your hundred and ten percent. Our teacher once told us to, view money, fame and success as a by-product. Lastly, If you want to be a good writer, be a good reader. Reading gives you a lot of stuff to mull over. You can’t become a good writer if you aren’t a good reader. Here, the important thing is choosing reading stuff. Always try to choose the material which makes you think positive. So, that your writings may impact the masses.


Pepsi Battle of the Bands: When the legends returned!
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Pepsi Battle of the Bands first rocked and shocked the industry in 2001. It was the first edition of the show that crowned Aaroh as the winners while Entity Paradigm came at second place. Over time these bands, after producing a number of hit singles, faded away but were never forgotten. During the Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2017, these two bands and others resurfaced to put on a show music lovers were dreaming to witness. While winners, Kashmir and runner-up, Badnaam, must be credited for their hard work, dedication, teamwork, and persistence, all other bands did give it a try and must be applauded for their efforts. However, the highlight of Season 2 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands has to be the reuniting of Call the band, Aaroh, and EP.

Kashmir – Winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2017 – Image Source:

Ali Azmat, the celebrity judge of the finale, sang Pataal Say, which he composed with Ahsan Bari. Shahi Hassan’s song, Namumkin, which he dedicated to Juned Jamshed was a soulful one while Meesha Shafi’s Speaker Phaar is a song you can listen on repeat. Josh created a celebratory scene with their performance of Haseena Baliye while Atif Aslam’s Mere Watan stirred the crowd. In season seven when Call performed on Jilawatan, it sent viewers and the audience to yesteryears. In episode two, Aaroh reunited to perform on Raag Neela whcih was a pure thrill. However, the finale was even better. When Aaroh and EP took on stage, it was 2003 and the new boys in town were creating magic on stage. If Aaroh’s slow and steady Na Kaho was enough to bring back old times, EP’s head banging, It was fourteen years since Aaroh and EP came up with their respective albums. However, fourteen years later, both bands are still looking in their prime.

Runners-up – Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2017 – Image Source:

EP stole the show with its meticulously engineered music when it performed on Hamesha. It felt the entire band had been preserved to be released for this performance. Their vocals and every single musical intonation was perfect while Ahmed Ali Butt’s rap was as good as it was fourteen years ago. Now that the episode is on Youtube, I will watch all these performances and that of the top two bands over and over again. I always enjoyed having Pepsi, now I guess Pepsi’s third edition of Battle of the Bands will only increase my love for this brand. Let’s see! Till then, rock on!