Irfan Junejo meets Lyari Underground (LUG) and the result is rock on!

Thank you, Irfan Junejo for showing us LUG and beauty of Lyari!

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When I first watched Irfan Junejo’s vlog in which he introduced us to the Lyari Underground or LUG, I could not believe my eyes or ears for the facts that our mainstream media never showed. Three teenagers, three distinct voice, three rappers and one mission: to rap and do it to the best of their capabilities.

Irfan introduced us to the three members of the LUG, Asad, Abdullah, and Wahab. There are other band members but they were busy with their work when this vlog was recorded. The trio revealed that they began without any resources at their disposal. They used headphone mics for singing and recording their songs and covered them with a blanket to make a soundproof environment. LUG’s passion led them to do the unthinkable – send out their message in the form of RAP songs that you will listen on repeat.


During Irfan’s vlog, the three boys sang an impromptu song, then and there, on the spot, and it was amazing! Where the singing prowess of all three boys is commendable, it was Wahab’s singing style and his accent that made me sit at the edge of my seat when I was watching the video. Irfan has shown a side of Lyari the world was unaware of and I believe that his vlogs will keep portraying the best side of Pakistan’s culture and society. Keep up the good work Irfan!

Lyari Underground’s members are: Rappers : Anxiously, Balochi M4, Balochi Danger, Boss1, Abood Baloch, Mr Skeleton, Desert Eagle (Information taken from their Facebook page: L.U.G (Lyari UnderGround) RapperZ)

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