‘Bekaar Films’ is a bundle of fun and humor!

Image Source: http://www.facebook.com/bekaarfilms

Much entertainment is now available over the social media as friends and comedians have created their Facebook groups on which they upload their two to five-minute hilarious videos. Amidst all the producers developing such videos and vines, we have our very own, Bekaar Vines, now known as Bekaar Films, who show us the funny, lighter and witty side of life with their brilliantly shot, clearly scripted and well-executed videos. Even the camera angles and video quality is top notch, which shows their diligence, professionalism, and maturity.

Joining to become the heart and soul of Bekaar Films is the team of Ghazenfer, Sami, Rida and Mubeen. They pick a topic related to all viewers, especially Karachiites who are in their twenties and thirties, choose a storyline, create characters, shoot the video and share it, obviously after a meticulous editing process, on their official page to spread laughter with over-the-edge performances. Although the videos seem effortless, immense planning and coordination must be required to transform an idea into a final video. Not only Bekaar Vines’ stories are appealing, their dialogues, facial expressions, and one-liner humorous sentences are too good to watch. Bekaar Films did capitalize on their talent, used all available resource and chose the Internet and social media as an outlet to display their flair of acting to the world. Moreover, ZaidAliT also played a role in their video. Bekaar Films have also been garnering support from brands for their videos, hence speaking volumes of Bekaar Film’s brand credibility and popularity. With Bekaar Films now enjoying over 825,000 likes on its Facebook page, the team of Ghazenfer, Sami, Rida, and Mubeen are continuing to use their creative talents to produce a brand name that unites us all as we laugh and chuckle together when watching their hilarious antics.

All the best Bekaar Films!
Lagay Raho!