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The unpredictability of ‘LIVE’ reporting

Reporting for a news network – print or electronic – enables the reporter to experience the news first hand. However, the perils of reporting for a television news channel are much higher for the reporter along with his/her cameraman must be present at the site of the incident or the site which holds significance for a news story. A few years ago, a reporter of Pakistan’s Dunya News became viral when people around him kept interrupting him in hilarious ways. The same reporter is back with a footage that may be painful for the cameraman accompanying him, but it has generated much viral reach over social media.


The reporter was at a certain place in Karachi getting ready to report news that we do not know the category of. However, while getting ready to record the news or maybe go LIVE from the site, he spots a cow running towards them, followed by someone who may have been the cow’s owner. Casually and without showing any panic, the reporter tells the cameraman “Abbey, gain arahi hain bhagti hui!” (A cow is running towards us!) As the cameraman is taking a shot of the cow, the reporter says, “Yeh hum main hi na ghuss jaye akay” (The cow may hit us). Within seconds, the cows hits the cameraman, the footage becomes blur and ends.

The kind of serenity the reporter showed while the cow was hurtling towards him and the cameraman is commendable. Perhaps this is the lesson all reporters must learn that they should keep calm and have their nerves under control when reporting.

The “Anday Wala Burger” video that made this reporter famous!