The vision known as YBQ!

Image Source: facebook.com/yousuf.b.qureshi

He is not just a man, he is a vision. He is not just a designer, he is the epitome of style. He is our very own Yousuf Bashir Qureshi (YBQ). What YBQ represents is innately Pakistani from the heart and desi from the soul. Everything that he does or says has Pakistan written all over it. Even the main entrance door of Commune Artist Colony, his office, his home, is colored with the Pakistani flag. There is no address of his office, which is his second home and reflects the artisit within him. The only address is the Pakistani flag.

Imagerce: ybq.com.pk/images/commune.jpg

What YBQ represents is an attitude that is purely ours. Even his attire is so natural, you feel as if Pakistan itself has been sent on Earth in a human form. And when YBQ speaks, the world actually stops to listen. His deep voice, his logical words and his wise statements compel you to go into introspection. You do ask questions to yourself based on YBQ’s talk. He makes you think from the heart, that is his power. That is how he talks to you.

Image Source: facebook.com/yousuf.b.qureshi

YBQ’s aesthetic sense in designing wardrobe and his creative instincts that he pours in his art reveals much about his personality. He sees beyond the fabric that we call clothing and he feels beyond what we perceive as an art form. His message of  love is engraved in his every creation be it a piece of attire or the beautifully designed Daastan, the rustic leather diary I am in love with.

During a video interview posted on Youtube by Adam bro, YBQ shared his philosophy of why he opted to return to Pakistan from the USA. YBQ said, “Sub atay hain marnay kaylye, hum nay kaha sara zinda rehlain” (Everyone returns home to die, I thought of living in my home).

He further shared with us the secret to success. He said, “When we use our information, we receive benefit out of it. Once we gain benefit of that information, we convert it into knowledge. You spread that knowledge to the world and it turns into wisdom. You will receive intuition from the divine only when you face your fear and give the knowledge you gained to the world. Do not fear that your knowledge will reduce if you share it with others. It is in giving this knowledge to the world that will give you more power in return. It will give you faith. Why should we hide such information or knowledge from others when no one can change our destiny? If something is destined to come in our life, no one can stop it from coming. If something is not destined to come in our life, no one can grant us, then why hide information from others.”



When talking about his decision to return to Pakistan, he said that he used to wonder what is the scope of fashion designing in Pakistan? He thought “what is the scope of anything in Pakistan or in the world?” YBQ said, “The scope is only for the best. If you are the best, you will always be in the mind. I thought of becoming the best. The best humans are those who are courageous and they never lie. I vowed never to tell a lie so to become the best.”

YBQ has become the definition of his own legacy: courageous, original and creative. There is no one like YBQ because he is following his own path. He is always experimenting with his designs and his craft and expanding his mental horizon to touch new heights of excellence. YBQ is the man with a plan and that plan is to be the best in what he does. And he is doing it like a boss!

Stay blessed, YBQ. Today, forever!