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Is Triple H vs. Kurt Angle a possibility at WrestleMania 33?

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Unpredictable! One word that defines the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Leading Team RAW into Survivor Series 2017, Kurt Angle was hopeful to lead his team to a win in the traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series interbrand elimination match between RAW versus SmackDown match. However, Kurt Angle did not get the last laugh. With Shane McMahon, team Captain of SmackDown, the only survivor of his team facing three RAW superstars, Braun Strowman, Triple H and Kurt Angle, all odds were stacked against Shane. However, after Kurt Angle locked Shane in the Angle Lock, Triple H did the unthinkable. He gave a Pedigree to Kurt Angle and let Shane eliminate Shane. However, when Strowman was the legal man in the ring to face Shane, Triple H tagged himself in the ring to pin Shane for the win and let RAW win this match. While Triple H was celebrating, Braun Strowman attacked Triple H for not letting him take the win with two running power slams. Now that Triple H seem to be back in in-ring competition, and with WrestleMania 33 around the corner, I wonder if Triple H can go one-one-one against Kurt Angle at the Grandest Stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Kurt Angle did verbally confront Triple H at the night following Survivor Series, on Monday, November 20, 2017, when he told Triple H never to attack him from the back or “he (Triple H) can take his job and shove it because I am coming for you!”

Kurt Angle and Triple H were key competitors during WWE’s Attitude Era days and have had a number of matches during the 1999 to 2002. It had been a privilege to watch these two in-ring competitors give their everything in the ring. However, now that Kurt Angle is back and with Angle and HHH both entering the part of their careers where the next move is to hang their wrestling gear for good, the fans would want to see Angle vs. HHH. However, also in the equation is Braun Strowman, who, many WWE fans, including me, want to see become the WWE Universal Champion. Why? Because Brock Lesnar is overrated. Now that HHH and Kurt Angle’s rivalry is heating up, one can expect them to face each other in over a decade in a pay-per-view. However, with superstars as huge as HHH and Angle, their rivalry’s exclamation point must come at WrestleMania 33. Will it happen? Only time will tell!

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#MeinPerfectHoon TVC by Gul Ahmed breaks clutter with an attitude!


It is a pleasure to see television commercials (TVCs) akin to the recently released Gul Ahmed’s “#MeinPerfectHoon” ad campaign launching the Spring/Summer Collection 2017. This campaign brings a new sense of marketing and advertising to Pakistan. Where almost every brand is resorting to dance and songs to promote their products and services, Gul Ahmed breaks the clutter by presenting a clear-cut message of women empowerment and the fact that women should be able to follow their dreams and aspirations as much as anybody else. Moreover, the TVC so explicitly, smoothly and with ease promotes the idea that even with any imperfection – curly hair, wearing joggers on shalwar qameez, a mole on the chin or a crooked nose – a girl can be as beautiful as what the society calls beautiful. Interestingly, this TVC does not show women aspiring for a career but shows their everyday thoughts to be themselves, to be accepted and to do what they want without being judged.

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I believe this TVC by Gul Ahmed has broken all clichéd TVCs that have overtaken our TV screens with their senseless songs and dances that only add more clutter. #MeinPerfectHoon is an attempt by Gul Ahmed and its advertising agency to bring creativity into the advertising narrative. Interestingly, the TVC uses the emotional appeal talking about ambitions and passion of the women of today and not indulging into the product’s features and attributes. This indeed is a new beginning in Pakistan’s advertising industry.


Vision Pakistan 2017


  1. Eliminate criminals and terrorism with extreme prejudice
  2. Repair all roads and streets beginning from the metropolis of the country
  3. Subsidize education in all provinces from Class I to Class 8
  4. Eliminate all ghost teachers, schools, and institutes
  5. Rebrand the Peela School to “Pakistan School System” and by providing teachers to such schools who can give effective “Urdu” and “English” language education to students
  6. Give due importance to vocational training
  7. Establish mini libraries across villages
  8. Create a committee to check all public transports and ban those not following proper vehicle-testing methods
  9. End load shedding by ensuring a proper power distribution system by eliminating all Kunda connections
  10. Renovate historical and heritage sites of Pakistan while strengthening the tourism of Pakistan for effective global brand promotion of the country and for the generation of revenue
  11. Ensuring that no blood relatives are in the politics – government or the opposition
  12. Restructure the syllabus of Karachi and Sindh Text Book Board from class 1 till 10 to include syllabus that will build the student’s personality and enable them to question rather than to rote learn
  13. Use IT to establish distant learning schools in far-off villages where there is a scarcity of teachers and schools that will evolve the concept of Virtual University.
  14. Create venues for hospitals and clinics to provide effective medical assistance in less price and ensuring that every hospital’s staff is loyal to their profession and are charging according to services and not minting money.
  15. Take action against the Qabza Group (Land grabbers) across Pakistan ensuring that land remains with those who own it.
  16. Increase balance of payments, increase trade, export and keep the value of dollar and oil at an appropriate point while reducing inflation.

Note: I have randomly jotted down points. Will add more as I think about it