‘Darzi Ki Marzi’: A humorous ride into a tailor’s mind!


The title of the video “Darzi Ki Marzi” says it all! Produced by Teeli, the video is a work of art with its cinematography, sound effects, setting, characterization and dialogue delivery. It is a team work and it shows!

It is akin to watching a short movie. Interestingly, during its 4-minute duration, the team behind the camera managed to show humor and the real picture of tailors that made this video a social media sensation. Every delicate angle of video production has been taken care of that gives so much energy and life to the video.

Looking at the set that shows a tailor’s shop, one would see everything actually present in such a shop. In this regard, efforts of Art Director: Saqib Hayat and the Set team, Babar, and Zahid, must be appreciated. The attention to detail by the producers and directors: Faheem Azam and Arbab Hussain along with the slice of life appeal presented through the dialogues by writers: Faheem Azam, Sana Khan Niazi, Harold John, Fahad Zaki and Narmeen Abdulla along with production crew: DOP: Farhan Silver; Post-production: Arbab Hussain; AD: Tariq Hussain; 2nd AD: Monis Navaid Khan, Araib Hussain and Ahtiph Akbar; Camera Assistant: Faisal Fiesto, Audio Engineer: Faheem Siddiqi, Wardrobe: Waseem and Shumaila, and VO: Mishaal Khan deserve a standing applause.

The story is about a recruit at the tailor’s shop who aims at completing a women customer’s dress on time before Eid. The Master Sahab teaches this recruit all the strategies and concepts of ‘good’ tailoring and emphasizes on the concept of “Customer Se Satisfaction”, which is the essence of the story. The cast of “Darzi Ki Marzi” Nazar Ul Hasan, Ahmed Mujtaba, Mujtaba Rizvi, Tehmasip Rahil, Faheem Azam and Sana Khan Niazi express their dialogues with the best of facial expressions. They utter serious and mostly humorous lines with diligence to keep the viewer’s attention hooked to the video.

Everything the video shows is relatable, practical, and all women customers of all tailors must have experienced this before Eid. Moreover, the background sound and music also adds value to the narrative. Hats off to the entire team! All the best for your future endeavors!


Taimur Rehman: A Urdu storyteller par excellence


You cannot explain elegance in mere words. You have to feel its essence. Taimur Rehman is a storyteller par excellence, a shining star in today’s haphazard world, who comprehends the essence of elegance of Urdu language and literature. He is an asset of Pakistan struggling to preserve, protect and promote Urdu language.


His fluency in communicating verbally in the Urdu language makes him the gladiator we all need in today’s age when Pakistan’s youth is distancing itself from Urdu. Calm and composed in character and eloquent in expressing his thoughts, Taimur is on a mission – to bring back to life the essence and spirit of Urdu. His initiative on social media, QASID, is a courageous endeavor as he steps into the realm of Urdu literature and makes viewers of his videos experience the lost style, taste, class and sophistication that have always been the characteristics of the Urdu language. Perhaps Urdu was never lost, it was we, the masses, who went on following the Western languages and buried the beauty of Urdu somewhere in our subconscious.

Taimur’s vision to hold Urdu narrative sessions at Kuch Khass in 2011 in Islamabad propelled him at the right direction. He has performed at various national literature festivals across Pakistan and appeared at the South Asian Literature Festival in London. Moreover, he graced the TED forums thrice. Currently, he is working on a coffee table book comprising Pakistani and Indian poets.

Taimur’s love for Urdu echoes with vigor and enthusiasm through his videos. He can read prose, recite poetry and sing Urdu ghazals with his soft voice to send you back in the 70s, 80s or 90s when Urdu constituted a major part of our life. I have been playing his videos on repeat and it is mesmerizing to experience Urdu once again. Taimur’s Facebook bio fittingly says his heart’s feeling: “Technology mera paisha hai aur Urdu adab mera nasha!” (Technology is my passion and Urdu literature my addiction).

Guess who’s back on our airwaves???


rj-khalid-1493118970For a long time, there was something missing from our lives. We had the sun, we had our breakfast, we had our morning cup of tea and we even had our share of Good Morning messages we sent and received. There was still something missing. Not anymore! Guess what? Khalid Malik, the man who made mornings great for us with his popular “Breakfast Show with Khalid Malik”, is back on the airwaves again. Same guy, same energy but on a different station – FM 91.

With the social media campaign #MakeMorningsGreatAgain, the radio station announced that the same Khalid Malik who later turned out to be a successful host and an actor is coming back on air to make us feel alive, again!

Now that Khalid Malik is emerging back on the airwaves across the country, listen to this. From Monday to Friday (7 am to 11 am), Khalid Malik will meet us at “Khalid Malik’s Morning Jam” on FM 91, the station that will never be the same again, nor our mornings.

Where Khalid Malik has been the talk of the town, I have met him while working as Assistant Editor at Slogan Magazine. The editorial team was doing a cover story on the radio industry of Pakistan and we decided to interview Khalid Malik for the Magazine. It was a pleasure to meet him and we were privileged to have Khalid Malik at our office. This was in 2012. However, my first meeting with Khalid Malik was not face-to-face, but over the phone, when I was selected as one of the two finalists in a competition celebrating City FM 89’s seventh Anniversary. I was invited to talk to Khalid Malik at his morning show at that radio station which was actually a quiz session to determine the winner of the PS3 (PlayStation 3). Guess who won the grand prize? You got it! It’s gotta be me!

However, from May 1, 2017, all listeners to Khalid Malik’s morning show will be winners, for we will listen to fun and happiness – and listen to the voice that has become synonymous to exciting and happy mornings!

Suzuki, please put the covers back on the New Cultus!


Image taken from: http://paksuzuki.com.pk

I wonder when Suzuki will learn. When Toyota and Honda are bringing out badass models (mainly Honda, no offense, Toyota), why cannot Suzuki get out of its structured mentality of producing cars that look similar. Glance over Suzuki’s now defunct Khyber and Margalla, Swift, Cultus and Mehran and you will witness a marked similarity. All cars have a similar design. It’s like they are made from the same mold.

The reason for my rant has nothing to do with Suzuki, because I also own a Suzuki Cultus 2007, however, it has everything to do with the new Cultus, also called Celerio. After much hype over social media, the car was revealed last week. It does not have any feature whatsoever which could give it a price tag of 12 to 15 lac (PKR 1,2000,000 – 1,5000,000). Just imagine that Suzuki is charging this price for a 1000 CC car comprising dual airbags, anti-disc braking system, fog lights, power steering, air conditioner, audio system, power windows, and chromed grill? I wonder when will Suzuki launch a model, which looks different than it has to offer – a design that is sleek, trendy and modern and not the only akin to Cultus 2017, which honestly speaking looks like a cross between Suzuki’s Wagon R and Swift.

Thank you Zau! Keep spreading the light!


It is certainly a sight for the ones who have literature embedded in their hearts. Holding Zau Magazine in my hands and reading its rich in vocabulary and factual in essence articles that explore the depths of literature from around the world is truly inspiring. The team of this Magazine must be applauded and appreciated for the efforts they are putting in to promote literature, learning and reading, not to mention the hours of effort they put in researching, writing, editing and compiling articles for their magazine that spells simplicity in design but shows strength in words, ideas and opinions it shares with the readers.

Returning home from the office I was greeted with a brown envelope. Sent to me by Mehdi Naqvi, I wondered what was inside. However, to my surprise, I was greeted by a beautiful pocket diary, the latest edition of Zau’s English Poetry Special and a note reading, “For Omar, Thanks for being part of the Zau Family – Editors.”


The spirit and enthusiasm shown by the team of Zau led by their editors do make a writer and columnist like me feel proud of how effectively and with passion and purpose the Pakistani youth is promoting literature. I have no words to describe the satisfaction I received once I began reading the poetry published in this book comprising poems, translations, and an interview. As a reader, I was captivated by the designing and paper quality used in the publishing of this book while as a writer, the words of the poetry I read kept me transfixed to it. I have only begun reading this book before glancing over its many pages and I will complete it because it has my attention.

Good work Team Zau!
God Bless You!
Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

‘Bekaar Films’ is a bundle of fun and humor!


Much entertainment is now available over the social media as friends and comedians have created their Facebook groups on which they upload their two to five-minute hilarious videos. Amidst all the producers developing such videos and vines, we have our very own, Bekaar Vines, now known as Bekaar Films, who show us the funny, lighter and witty side of life with their brilliantly shot, clearly scripted and well-executed videos. Even the camera angles and video quality is top notch, which shows their diligence, professionalism, and maturity.

Joining to become the heart and soul of Bekaar Films is the team of Ghazenfer, Sami, Rida and Mubeen. They pick a topic related to all viewers, especially Karachiites who are in their twenties and thirties, choose a storyline, create characters, shoot the video and share it, obviously after a meticulous editing process, on their official page to spread laughter with over-the-edge performances. Although the videos seem effortless, immense planning and coordination must be required to transform an idea into a final video. Not only Bekaar Vines’ stories are appealing, their dialogues, facial expressions, and one-liner humorous sentences are too good to watch. Bekaar Films did capitalize on their talent, used all available resource and chose the Internet and social media as an outlet to display their flair of acting to the world. Moreover, ZaidAliT also played a role in their video. Bekaar Films have also been garnering support from brands for their videos, hence speaking volumes of Bekaar Film’s brand credibility and popularity. With Bekaar Films now enjoying over 825,000 likes on its Facebook page, the team of Ghazenfer, Sami, Rida, and Mubeen are continuing to use their creative talents to produce a brand name that unites us all as we laugh and chuckle together when watching their hilarious antics.

All the best Bekaar Films!
Lagay Raho!

When kids steal your spotlight!


Life is unpredictable to say the least – especially when you are a parent of kids who love to barge in you room. However, that is what kids do – they are frank, honest, bold and do not care of the status quo. A similar pressure cooker situation erupted in the room of Professor Robert Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, when he was coming LIVE on BBC World News. Professor Kelly was giving his opinion, analysis and views over the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, the President of South Korea who was recently removed from office.

While discussing this serious and delicate topic, his daughter swung the door open and strolls inside with the word ‘casual’ written all over her. Following her into the room was an adorable baby in a walker, who was apparently following her elder sister and was inquisitive to know what she was up to. Unaware that their daddy was busy examining, studying and exploring the short and long-term effects of this impeachment on South Korea’s political fabric, the kids were doing what they do best – babbling and trying to come close to their father. Akin to a comic relief scene from a movie – a lady barges in the room and hysterically takes the two kids out before closing the door.  Despite the interruption and Kelly’s obvious embarrassment, the kids along with Kelly have become the new social media sensation. Social media users would certainly love the kids’ attitude and Kelly’s nerves to stay calm and composed.