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A trip to Bahria Town

Creating memories must be the purpose of our lives. Years later we will remember the time spent with friends and family. To create memories of our own, I along with my good friends, Mehmood and Adeel, went to Bahria Town on Sunday, November 18, 2018. But first, we had a good, delectable breakfast at Hafizjee, Mohammad Ali Society, Karachi comprising anda (egg), paratha (flatbread), aaloo ki bhaji (potato curry), cholay (chickpeas curry) and tea.

Following our breakfast, we headed to the Lyari Expressway. We entered the Expressway at 11:26 am and were inside Bahria Town at 11:58 am. First, we visited the Day and Night Zoo also called the DayNZoo. We took a ride in their electric van and saw the entire zoo. Unfortunately, most of the animals including lion, tiger and the panter were fast asleep but we did manage to see bear, giraffe, zebra, alligator, lama and a wide variety of birds. The purpose of visiting Bahria Town was to have a change of mindset from our monotonous office lives, to enjoy a road trip and to spend quality time with each other’s company. A Sunday well spent!

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Bits and Bobs give expecting mothers ways to save their joyful journey

Coming home after a long day at work, I was greeted by a surprise parcel sent to me by Ms. Umm e Azaan, Owner, Bits and Bobs, which is a happy event management service comprising a team of creative and enthusiastic individuals who idealize happiness and love celebrations. Included in the parcel was a Pregnancy Planner 2018-19 titled, “The Bump and Me”. This Planner was created under Babies & Bumps, which is a Facebook support group that aims at providing peer-extended support on various stages of parenting.

The Planner includes 137 colorful pages where mommy-to-be can share their thoughts and pen their plans and objectives. It also has a section of journaling one’s innate thoughts. The journal will be helpful for all mommys-to-be. The parcel also included free samples of Dayfresh Milk. Let’s ses when this Pregnancy Planner comes in handy for my future wife! 🙂




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“YOU RISE TODAY!” is now available on Amazon


This book, “You Rise Today!”, dwells to inspire and motivate readers of all age groups. You will go on a journey of self-discovery as each chapter discusses a certain value, ideology or a moral characteristic you find close to your heart. This book talks about the tests, trials, and tribulations we experience and learn from that adds value to our character, develops our personality, strengthens our beliefs, fortifies our viewpoints and builds our mental and emotional acumen to face the world with the resolve to succeed. We all are destined to rise above our ego and embrace life for in this journey we get to know more about ourselves. If you know who you are, you will rise, you will succeed. Begin your journey now. You Rise Today!

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The unpredictability of ‘LIVE’ reporting

Reporting for a news network – print or electronic – enables the reporter to experience the news first hand. However, the perils of reporting for a television news channel are much higher for the reporter along with his/her cameraman must be present at the site of the incident or the site which holds significance for a news story. A few years ago, a reporter of Pakistan’s Dunya News became viral when people around him kept interrupting him in hilarious ways. The same reporter is back with a footage that may be painful for the cameraman accompanying him, but it has generated much viral reach over social media.


The reporter was at a certain place in Karachi getting ready to report news that we do not know the category of. However, while getting ready to record the news or maybe go LIVE from the site, he spots a cow running towards them, followed by someone who may have been the cow’s owner. Casually and without showing any panic, the reporter tells the cameraman “Abbey, gain arahi hain bhagti hui!” (A cow is running towards us!) As the cameraman is taking a shot of the cow, the reporter says, “Yeh hum main hi na ghuss jaye akay” (The cow may hit us). Within seconds, the cows hits the cameraman, the footage becomes blur and ends.

The kind of serenity the reporter showed while the cow was hurtling towards him and the cameraman is commendable. Perhaps this is the lesson all reporters must learn that they should keep calm and have their nerves under control when reporting.

The “Anday Wala Burger” video that made this reporter famous!

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Daastan: Spearheading Pakistan’s literary revolution; one book at a time!

It is an admirable example of teamwork at Daastan, with the Board of Directors working in unision with the Editors, Creative Team and the Marketeers, in providing a platform for authors to showcase their work to the world, while also facilitating Daastan in achieving its vision and mission of touching literary excellence.


What do you get when you combine vision to begin a literary journey, the mission to provide aspiring writers with opportunities to get published and an idea to create an online self-publishing platform that can also monetize the author’s work? You get Daastan, the literary revolution that began in 2015 by Syed Ommer Amer. He was fortunate to have the company of like-minded friends, including Nauman Shahid, Managing Editor, Daastan, who shared and owned his vision and mission of bringing a literary revolution in Pakistan.

What Ommer and his team of literary activists began from their humble origins is reaching new heights and touching milestones which they would not even have imagined at the time of Daastan’s inception. Now that this platform is a reality, more writers are having their work published through Daastan’s MeraQissa initiative.

Daastan has been holding it’s The Stories Untold – theme-based story writing competitions. Three such events have been held so far. The theme for The Stories Untold – 1 was Imperfect Perfections; the theme for The Stories Untold – 2 addressed issues of Youth Radicalization and their affect on society. However, the recently concluded, The Stories Untold – 3 competition, invited stories based on magic.

Fortunately, I have been part of all three editions of The Stories Untold competitions as an author and I must say the qualities of stories, as I guessed from their blurbs, have been increasing with each competition. Moreover,  the cover designs of these stories, which are designed in-house by Daastan’s amazing team of designers, have evolved in terms of aesthetic sense and detailing to highlights that must be part of each book’s cover. The editors of both English and Urdu, including Aimen Siddiqui, Sidra Amin, Safwa Mir, Zahra Akbar, Bushra Mustafa and Tehreem Hassan, have been working deligently with authors in improving their stories’ writing expression and style. It is a teamwork at Daastan with the Board of Directors working in unision with the Editors, Creative Team and the Marketeers to provide a platform for authors to showcase their work to the world while also facilitating Daastan in achieving its vision and mission of touching literary excellence. Many media outlets have covered Daastan’s rise to glory. posted an exclusive, detailed story on Daastan. I personally want to congratulate the entire team at Daastan for moving forward with their vision and on holding their third consecutive The Stories Untold competition.

Apart from Ommer and Nauman, Daastan’s team includes the following members, as per the details available on Daastan’s website:

Board of Directors 1

Board of Editors 1

Board of Creatives 1

Board of Marketeers

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar is a Karachi-based columnist, author, short story writer and blogger at Express Tribune Blogs. He has over 300 articles publsihed to his name in leading English-language newspapers and magazines of Pakistan including Dawn, The News, Daily Times, Pakistan Observer, Frontier Post and South Asia Magazine. He has been a three-time finalist at Daastan’s The Stories Untold – Nationwide Story Writing Competition. For more info:

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Traction Training Solutions officially launched!

Traction Training Solutions is the brainchild of its Director, Mr. Javaid A.Farooqui who aspires to deliver customized training programs to enhance and enrich efficiency of employees working in the professional world and develop skill sets of students before they enter the corporate world. A sister concern of US-based E-Commerce firm, Ampaksoft, Traction Training Solutions held its inauguration ceremony at the National IT Park, Caesar Tower, Karachi on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Invited at the occasion were leading professionals from various industries.

Besides guests, present at the inauguration ceremony were Traction Training Solutions’ Director, Mr. Javaid A.Farooqui and Mr. Shariq A. Jeelani, Head of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Shariq has been a trusted name in the corporate training industry of Pakistan and has been nurturing contacts at key positions in various industries of the country. He also served at Viftech Solutions in the capacity of Manager Sales and Marketing while maintaining and managing key clientele of Pakistan including Pepsi Cola International, Soorty Textile, Samba Bank, K-Electric, Fauji Fertilizer and Engro Foods. Mr. Shariq later presented a brief overview of the company while responded to queries during the question and answer session.

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